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Soles - SLS-510

SOLES Thumb Splint For Stabilization | SLS-510




      • Best thumb splint for stabilization. Reduces thumb and wrist pain. Breathing Neoprene fabric is lightweight and soft. İdeal for all day usage with comfort. 

        Reduces recovery time by stabilizing thumb with preferred tightness. Elastic hand bandage enables finger movement for daily life. Aluminum and Neoprene provides maximum durability and stability for splint.

      • Soles thumb splint provides support before and after surgery. Can be used during physiotherapy with maximum comfort. Elastic wrist bandage don’t lose stickiness over time.

      • Adjustable design makes this wrist splint unisize and unisex. Can be used by men and women from all hand sizes. Straps can be adjusted within seconds. Easy to wear and take off thumb splint. 2 different versions for left and right hand.

                                        Thumb Splint Is Used For

      • Arthritis treatment and pain relief

      • Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment

      • Thumb stabilization

      • Broken bones treatment and physiotherapy

      • Before and after hand surgery operations

      • Thumb Splint Washing Instructions
      • Wash softly with only water by hand. Don’t use washing machine or dryer. Dry without hanging in clean place like chair, table etc.
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