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Pillow Group

Pillow Group

Each of the pillows and cushions within the pillow group has different purpose and properties. Therefore, products both that do not compromise on quality and that fulfill the needs with their qualifications in the best way should be chosen. Products that are most preferred and that have the most ideal human-healthwise properties from this group are as follows;

  • Visco pillow,

  • Anti-snoring pillow,

  • Travel pillow,

  • Lumbar support cushion,

  • Orthopedic seat cushion

Visco Pillow

Visco pillow which has the most ideal properties for the movement mechanism of the human body and which does not cause health problems such as hernia, is in the orthopedic pillow group. Therefore, it is best for protecting the skeletal system. The importance of using the proper pillow for sleep is great. Otherwise, pains occur often and cause poor quality of life.

Orthopedic pillow selection is the right choice because it eliminates such problems. Though, the most ideal ones of within these pillows are Visco pillow products. These products which offer the most reliable and high quality usage in the pillow group prevent the formation of problems as follows;

  • Neck pain,

  • Lumbar (low back) pain,

  • Osteoarthritis.

The main reason for this is that Visco pillow products are made by a special design and produced with the advices of experts in this field. Thanks to this, the pillows are designed to comply with the neck curve and neck lengths and are produced orthopedic to fit the human body.

When the Visco pillow is used, body parts such as the neck, head, shoulder and spine rest and relieve during sleep. Therefore, pains do not emerge. In addition, existing lumbar and neck pain is minimized.

Anti-Snoring Pillow

Tissues in the mouth move backwards during sleep and partially obstruct the respiratory tract. Thus, sound of snoring occurs during the breathing process. It is not possible for people who snore to have enough sleep and rest. Snoring, one of the obstacles to a healthy sleep, causes people to still be tired after waking up.

The anti-snoring pillow in the pillow group category prevents the person from snoring by overcoming this problem. First of all, thanks to the anti-snoring pillow, the intraoral tissues are directed in the best manner. By this means, the person starts to breathe more easily and sleeps restfully.

Intraoral tissues are much more crowded than thought. For this reason, when lying sideways and prone, these tissues fall forward. Anti-snoring pillows enable people who snore to change the position they have while sleeping. Thus, the airways of the person expand and breathing becomes easy.

There is also a wide variety of herbal products in the pillows. This relieves pillow users. In general, the conditions that pave the way for snoring do not occur when the relieved person is lying down.

Some of the anti-snoring pillows have a raise in the middle. Some, on the other hand, have a space in the middle. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that the pillows have a wide variety of properties and the most ideal ones should be preferred.

Travel Pillow

The travel pillow, which is used for the comfort of the person while traveling, is also preferred to prevent cervical disk herniation or pains that may occur in the neck region. The travel pillow, which is a must for a pleasant and healthy travel, is one of the most popular products in the pillow group.

Lumbar Support Cushion

There are some regions in human anatomy where pain and hernias can occur and therefore need attention. One of these is the lumbar region. The lumbar support cushion, which is used for the prevention of lumbar disc herniation and pain, is ideal especially for the people who have a sedentary work. It also prevents the occurrence of disorders such as hernia and lumbar pain in people who drive for a long time.

The lumbar support cushion, which draws attention with its properties in the category of pillow group, is a life saver for the people who work continuously in the office. In lumbar hernia, which occurs in people sitting in the same position constantly, disorders such as rupture of the muscles around the spine occur, causing severe pain that is difficult to bear. Therefore, the use of lumbar support cushions should be taken care of.

Proper use of the lumbar support cushion recommended by experts is vital. Lumbar and back region should be supported in the best manner. Furthermore, the average height should be set correctly. Therefore, it should be decided that for which seat the cushion will be used. It is placed to the seating place in a way that it will be suitable for back level. This creates the most ideal medium for the back region.

Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Orthopedic seat cushions have been developed under expert supervision for people who have a sedentary work. It is also ideal for travelers who travel for an extended period of time. Thus, slipping of the coccyx and lumbar pain do not occur due to constant sitting. In addition, the orthopedic seat cushion reduces these pains and protects the spinal region by distributing the burden on the spinal region. In this way, the necessary precautions are taken against the problems arising from sitting for an extended period of time.

For a quality living, pillow group products should be selected and used most properly. It is important that such products fulfill the needs in the best manner. Therefore, each product should be evaluated by paying attention to its qualifications.