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  • ORSA Neopren Thigh Orthosis N-38
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  • ORSA Neopren Thigh Orthosis N-38
  • ORSA Neopren Thigh Orthosis N-38
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ORSA - ORSA Thigh Orthosis N-38

ORSA Neopren Thigh Orthosis N-38


The orthosis, made from 4mm thick neoprene, is given thighs anatomic form. Entire the edges of the orthosis are hemmed with rounded band and also, orthosis is combined by the special machines so that it is more durable and looks more esthetic. 

Orsa Neoprene Brace for your Thigh!

The neoprene thigh brace from Orsa is the ideal brace for the thigh for complaints of muscles and tendons. This thigh brace is used preventively as well as for injuries to the quadriceps or hamstrings .

The neoprene material warms your thigh, offers circular compression and is also very sturdy, providing a lot of support for muscles and tendons. Get rid of your thigh complaints quickly and wear the neoprene thigh brace from Orsa!

Indications for the Orsa thigh brace :

  • In case of overload complaints of the thigh
  • Muscle tear / strain / injury to the Hamstrings
  • Muscle tear / overuse / injury of the Quadriceps
  • After operations and fluid retention
  • Preventive by athletes

Features and benefits Orsa thigh brace :

  • Easy in use
  • Easy to put on independently
  • Provides circular pressure around the thigh
  • Retains heat for optimal blood circulation and speedy recovery
  • Easy to wash and keep clean
  • Universal: can be worn both left and right

How do you measure the Orsa Neoprene Thigh Brace?

The Orsa neoprene thigh brace is available in sizes S, M, L and XL and can be worn on both the left and right . You determine your size by measuring the circumference in the middle of the thigh. You can then read your size in the table below.

When in doubt between 2 sizes, we advise you to take the smallest size.

MeasureThigh circumference
S.46 - 50 cm
M.51 - 55 cm
L.56 - 60 cm
XL61 - 65 cm

Indication: Used for twistig of thigh, minor ruptures of ligament, weakness and spazms of femoral muscles, physiotherapy, after surgical operations and on sports activities.

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