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Metal Products

Metal Products

There are many devices in metal products.These products are customized devices designed for people with walking difficulties. Among these devices, the most used ones can be listed as;

Aluminium Walking Sticks

Aluminium walking stick which is designed for people with walking difficulties helps to make walking action more comfortable. This stick can be also used to make the walking action more comfortable during the healing process for people who had surgical operations.

Foldable Walking Sticks

The foldable walking stick manufactured for people experiencing walking difficulties in their daily lives is one of the most popular device among the metal group.In particularly, the foldable walking stick used for making the walking action easier after surgical operations and not to tire the patient can be fold. In this sense, carrying and conserving the walking stick become easier. Additionally, the problem of self-folding during walking is not encountered.

Tripod Walking Sticks

The tripod walking stick which is used for eliminating the difficulty of walking action has three legs and it helps to keep balance. This type of walking stick is usually made from aluminium material and it requires 1,3 mm thick aluminium. Anodized coatings are used. For that matter, it is quite durable and no problems such as rustiness are not seen. The shoe part of this walking sticks is made from rubber material. Thus, when the person cannot carry his / her load, he / she can move more easily thanks to the tripod walking stick.


The crutch which helps to people with experiencing walking difficulty is among the supporter devices. The crutch is mainly used after surgical operation and it is occasionally preferred for injuries and sprains.

The crutch which is vital in cases of injuries is used to keep the foot stable. Because of the fact that the load does not carried by the damaged area, it reduces the pain and eliminates the limitation of the movement. In this way, the patient continues his daily life comfortably.

Forearm Crutches

In milder cases of injures and sprains, the forearm crutches are used and it is an ideal device for elders in particular. Elders can walk and stand thanks to forearm crutches which is a device of metal products. In addition to that, the muscles of the arm can get tired and the desire of walking can disappear in long-term use.

Foldable Walkers

The walker which is used on the people having walking difficulty and used for a more comfortable walk is an ideal device used after surgical operations or injuries and sprains for a comfortable movement. It is carried out easily. Most of them fits in a bag. In addition to that, conserving the foldable walkers is quite simple. It is among the metal product devices in demand because of its practical use.

Toilet Lift Seats

Toilet lift seats used for sitting disabilities is used after waist, knee or hip surgeries provides convenience to users. In addition to that, the toilet lift seat is manufactured in the same way for males and females. Therefore, it is suitable for both male and female anatomy.

What are the features of walking sticks?

There are many type of walking sticks and each has a different feature. For example, a light raw aluminium material is used for aluminium walking sticks so it can be carried out easily. The height can be adjusted and this adjustment makes it more practical to use.

The balance feature is important for three leg walking sticks. This device, which is especially preferred by people having balance problems, touches to three points on the ground. It can be used with both hands and it helps to slow down or to speed up while walking. It is mainly preferred by elders, patients and disabled people.

What are the benefits of walking assist devices?

The devices which are designed for people who cannot walk or having walking difficulties to make the walking action easier are among the metal product category with a heavy demand.

The benefits of walking assist device can be listed as,

  • It helps the patience to stand on foot and walk.

  • It is used for people having balance disorders to walk comfortably and keeping their balance.

  • It is preferred for allowing the legs to support their body weight easily.

  • It ideal for patients who cannot control the lower part of the body.

  • It is used by patients who should or should not give the body weight to the legs.