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Gel Foot Health

Gel Foot Health

Gel foot health which is applied for the purpose of repairing deformed or thickened nail bed is also a very effective gel system for ingrown toenails. The period of treatment is shortened. In this way, the bad image of the toenail is eliminated in a short period of time.

The gel system prevents the absorption of liquid in the nails due to thickening of the nails. The period of treatment reduce to minimum by this. After a while pleasant, well-groomed and healthy toenails are achieved.

It is quite hard to cut and care thickened or fungal infected toenail. Also, it becomes nearly impossible to reach an aesthetic appearance. In addition, successful results are achieved with the gel foot health in a short period of time.

How is Gel Foot Health Performed?

One of the steps to be taken to get well-groomed nails is to receive support from gel foot health service. Therefore, the indication is completed by referring to specialist dermatologists and physicians from the centers providing this service. So the individual cure is determined.

Usually, with this cure, the nail is cleaned using fraser tips. There is no pain in this process. Healthy nail tissue is then exposed. Thanks to the application of this gel system, the nail bed does not deteriorate.

What are the Foot and Nail Disorders?

The most encountered foot and nail disorders can be listed as;

● Big toe and pinkie toe bunion disorder

● Ingrown toenail

● Heel disorders

● Cracked foot skin

● Athlete’s foot

● Nail thickening

What are the causes of Foot and Nail Disorders?

Foot and nail disorders are more common in women. Diseases such as athlete’s foot, ingrown toenail or nail thickening are 9 times more common in women than men, and can be easily treated without any surgical intervention. In addition, the treatment process is accelerated easily with foot health products.

The causes of the foot and nail disorders involve

● Wrong choice of shoes

● Not following a regular foot care

● To be hit on the foot

● An impact on toenail

● To be stepped on the foot

● The sweating of the foot

● The pressure of narrow ended and heeled shoes on toenails

● Putting on tight socks

● Gaining of excessive weight

● Cutting the toenails wrongly

● Wrong pedicure application

The gel foot health which is applied to eliminate these disorders is quite beneficial. Therefore, the treatment process should be continued with support from the gel system.

What causes to Heel Pain?

The pain in the heels usually occurs as a result of standing for a long time and this pain in the foot region is quite severe. For the relief of this pain;

● Periodic sitting,

● Heel silicones are recommended.

The heel silicone which is preferred the most eliminates the pressure on hard surface. Also, the doctors suggest the heel silicone since it comforts the spinal region. Many of the heel silicone users suggest this product with positive feedbacks.

What is the function of heel silicones?

The silicon known as a substance which has no harm on human health is commonly used for foot health. Heel silicone in particular helps to eliminate the disorders on foot.

Because of the stepping deformations or external factors some disorders may occur. It may be chronic. Heel silicon use is beneficial for reducing the severe foot pain.

As an example

● To reduce the foot pain

● To prevent the problems such as callus

The silicone heel developed for a comfortable and painless walk is among the most preferred foot support product.

Silicone Front Heel Supports

Silicon front heel supports are support devices that protects the front are of the toe articulations. This product made from silicone is ideal for people standing on foot for a long period of time.

Thus, the problems high-heeled women experiences who stepped in front of shoes such as

● Pain,

● Hardness,

● Callus discomfort are prevented.

It provides a soft environment by providing support to the silicon area. This prevents pain that may occur, or eliminates walking limitation due to existing pain.

The Reasons of the Policeman’s Heel

The people who stand on foot for a long time should be careful about foot health. The policeman’s heel caused by wrong choice of shoes is a disorder that reduces the quality of life. The policeman’s heel may occur for many reasons. Briefly, these reasons are,

● Training time should be rigid for people who are interested in football and basketball regularly. If there is any time change, the policeman’s heel disease occurs.

● The policeman’s disease occurs when people who are not accustomed to sports perform such activities more than they used to.

● Having a sedentary work also causes policeman’s heel disease.

Receiving support in terms of gel foot health provides advantage to shorten the period of treatment.

The Importance of the Shoe on Foot Health

The shoe is quite important for foot health. In this sense, the right shoe should be chosen. In addition, each raw material has a particular lifespan. After it is used for a while, the shoe loses its edge. In this sense, the surface is felt firmer. In addition, body weight is not supported and the load is directly on the heels. This causes many foot and nail disorders.