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Foot Orthosis (FO)

Foot Orthosis (FO)

The foot orthosis aims to soften the hard surface for athletes and for those who works on foot or standing. It is used to overcome the foot-related problems. Foot orthosis includes products such as;

Medial longitudinal and transvers arch supports,

Medial and lateral heel wedges and calcaneal supports,

Metatarsal pads.

The Purpose of Foot Orthosis

Foot orthosis which provides numerous benefits by softening the hard surfaces is used for a variety of purposes. These can be listed as,

  • To make the action of walking easier

  • To prevent the muscle pain

  • To make one feel vigorous

  • To decrease the pressure applied spinal area

  • To prevent the bone disorder in foot area

  • To release the discomfort of intertrigo and irritation caused by sweating

  • To use in the treatment of flatfoot disorder

  • To prevent athlete’s foot disorder

  • To make the movements of the foot toe more flexible

  • To ensure faster recovery for people who suffers from Hallux Valgus disorder

  • To ensure recovery for people who suffers from bunion bone disorder

Are Orthopedic Slippers Preferred as Foot Orthoses?

Foot orthoses can be used as orthopedic slippers. This orthoses are ideal to use on people who experience daily pain and discomfortis a great alternative for orthopedic slippers. In this way, the movement of people with discomfort on the feet during the day becomes more comfortable and painless. The use of orthoses support the longitudinal and transvers arch and ensure that the foot toe is in a comfortable position. Foot orthoses which prevents policeman’s heel caused by orthopedic slippers, such disorders as heel pain, ingrown toe nail can be used as foot orthoses without any problem.

Properties of AFO Ankle Foot Orthoses

Some kinds of ankle foot orthoses also known as AFO can be used as foot orthoses. Particularly, it is used for drop foot deformity which is seen on patients with hemiplegic and paraplegic disorders. Besides from standard orthoses, custom production orthoses are also manufactured.In this way, the using of most suitable orthoses for the measurement of foot is provided. This types of orthoses start off under the knee and it grips the foot. Sometimes the orthosis is made of plastic material extending to the tip of the foot comb bones or to the fingers. The AFO ankle foot orthosis holds both the ankle joints and the leg and foot in the correct position. There are many different types of these orthoses.

What is Articulated and Non-Articulated AFO? What are the differences?

Articulated foot orthoses is used by the reason of drop foot deformity which is seen on patients suffers from one sided or two sided seizures. In this way, the foot stops at 90 degree dorsiflexion and the process of walking is made more comfortable. It differs from non-articulated AFO by its mobility of the foot ankle. The measurement of patient’s foot should be measured before the production of these orthoses. In this way, it enables the ankle foot to move in particular angles with a hinge and different articulations. In addition, apart from three-axis motion, the motion of dorsi and plantar flexion movement is enabled.

Non-articulated AFO supports therear end of the leg. By this means, foot ankle remains in neutral state. Due to excessive hyperextension, such orthoses, especially when the knee is angled to front, are locked in the dorsiflexion zone up to 5 degrees to prevent angulations.

DAFO Dynamic Foot Ankle Orthoses

DAFO known as Dynamic Foot Ankle Orthoses is among the foot orthoses. With the orthoses of this type, the deformity of foot is prevented or eliminated. In addition, it provides protection after operation. This orthoses particularly used to increase stability make the walking easier. The customized type orthoses are quite convenient and beneficial.

KAFO Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

KAFO known as Knee, Ankle Foot Orthosis is used for the complete control of


-Foot Ankle

-The areas of foot.

KAFO which is particularly used to prevent the deformity and contracture on patients who cannot walk also enables the walking patients to stand on foot staidly and comfortably. In addition to that, KAFO is usually used

  • To reduce the abnormal motion patterns during walking

  • To eliminate the problem of walking on Quadriseps Femoris patients because of the difficulty of knee control

KAFOs are usually made from metal and leather mixed material. It can also be made from thermoplastic material. There are thousand kinds of these orthoses and most suitable orthoses for the purpose should be preferred. It can be articulated, non-articulated or knee.

HKAFO Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses

This type of orthoses known as HKAFO involves the following areas in full





In particular, these orthoses which are used to stabilize the hip articulation can be used with the purpose of controlling the rotation. The addition of hip articulation and waist band to AFOs creates the HKAFOs. In this way foot and the articulation of knees and hips can be controlled.